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Previously worked with great brands in media and publishing

Transforming digital communication creation and engagement


Today’s customers, stakeholders and readers want a more engaging digital experience. They have short attention spans, competing demands and high expectations.

In this competitive and noisy world, it’s important to stand out from the crowd; to engage and hold your audiences building a better understanding of their behaviours and preferences, so you can provide relevant, targeted information in real time.

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What is Publisher Prime
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Publisher Prime is a new authoring platform putting the ability to create engaging digital content directly in the hands of organisations and publishers.

It provides data-driven insights into how your readers interact with your communications. By increasing reach and engagement, you can further refine and enhance engagement, improve ROI and create more opportunities to grow and monetise.

This continuous cycle enables a more targeted, relevant customer-centric experience: your stakeholders will be more engaged, and you will be empowered.

If you create or publish digital fiction, company reports or educational content, Publisher Prime is for you.

Testimonials about past projects

"The ‘Thunderbirds are Go! digital storybook provides a whole new level of action-adventure animation for today's audience and they are the perfect partner to deliver the storybook experience with their digital and creative prowess."


Denise O'Donoghue on Thunderbirds Are Go!

ITV Studios UK MD 

"How better to enjoy and bring to life the words and emotions of this wonderful tale of Toad and his mates, than by using the latest story-telling techniques. Images, animations, narration and music all combine on the in this digital storybook in a panoply of delightfulness!"


Stephen Fry on The Wind in the Willows. Actor, comedian, author, journalist, broadcaster, film director 

Some of the past projects