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“As a child, I was captivated by the Thunderbirds, so it’s terrific to be involved in bringing the show back to the screen for a new generation to enjoy. The team have channelled the Tracy brothers selfless spirit of adventure into an experience that’s immersive, intelligent and, most importantly, really good fun!”

Amazes and Engages

Thunderbird fans can get their regular fix - any time, any place - via the futuristic ‘Thunderbirds Are Go: Adventures’ digital storybook. High above Earth in  Thunderbird 5, ‘children’ of all ages can explore the space-age console tapping into new dimensions of the Thunderbirds Are Go story. 

Readers experienced missions, explored the vehicles, craft and characters in 3D and undertook challenging tasks as members of International Rescue. 


As each episode was completed, new and exciting features were unlocked helping to grow children’s reading and comprehension skills in a fun and interactive way.


“The Anne Frank Diary digital storybook was built with incredible attention to detail and rewards a careful read, either in its own right to place it into a historical (and artistically rewarding) context, or as a serious research tool ideal for students willing to delve into something rewardingly layered.”


Mark Webster, Macplanet, The Herald.

Educates and Illustrates
Over 70 years after it was first published by Anne’s father Otto Frank, the diary was brought to life digitally for a new generation of readers and existing fans alike.

One of the most celebrated books of all time the digital storybook, ‘The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank’, transformed the book from flat text into a fully immersive user experience, with the entire diary text enhanced by interactive, multimedia content, embedded relevant to where the reader is in the story.

By simply tapping on a word, digital readers could explore Anne Frank’s world through unprecedented historical context – video interviews, audio clips, archive images, education material and original illustrated features.


Stephen Fry: “I can imagine Kenneth Grahame would have loved to discover his words tumbling off the page and his young readers being able to enjoy so much more beyond the story."


Delights and Engages

Presented by Stephen Fry, Kenneth Grahame’s classic 'The Wind in the Willows' became even more enchanting and engaging with this interactive digital storybook. The beautifully designed world of this much-loved story, with lavish animations connected readers to the world of the riverbank.


Stephen Fry introduced each chapter and read selected extracts of the adventures of Mr Toad, Ratty, Mole, and Badger, including the poems ‘Ducks’ Ditty’ and ‘Toad’s Last Little Song!’ As Stephen Fry said: “How better to enjoy and bring to life the words and emotions of this wonderful tale of Toad and his mates, than by using the latest story-telling techniques. Images, animations, narration and music all combine on the iPad in a panoply of delightfulness!


Written and presented by the UK’s renowned Royal Historian, Dr David Starkey.


Educates and Enhances

This digital storybook brought to life the roller-coaster history of the British monarchy in unprecedented detail, with stunning clarity and colour, in this unique, personal tutorial from one of the world’s greatest history teachers and scholars. Based on Dr Starkey’s book Crown & Country, readers could browse through timelines, tap into family trees, and explore the overarching themes that have shaped Britain from the Anglo-Saxon period to today's House of Windsor. There was also video of the wedding of the decade: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Katherine.


The official digital storybook of the blockbuster epic 'After Earth' starring Jaden Smith and Will Smith.

Explores and Expands
Readers could experience the full text of Kitai’s Journal (by Christine Peymani), the official Junior Novelisation of the feature film ‘After Earth’.


Expanded content offered a glimpse into Kitai’s life on Nova Prime, and the wonder and terror of his adventure on Earth.  Character backgrounds and features introduced readers to the Raige family along with 3D interactive models of the spaceships and creatures of the After Earth universe.