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What past partners and media said

"This digital storybook takes the reader into an entirely new dimension of history and delivers important contexts on reading the diary."

Buddy Elias on The Diary of Anne Frank
Anne Frank’s cousin and Past-President of the Anne Frank Fonds Basel (deceased)

"The ‘Thunderbirds are Go! digital storybook provides a whole new level of action-adventure animation for today's audience and they are the perfect partner to deliver the storybook experience with their digital and creative prowess."


Denise O'Donoghue on Thunderbirds Are Go! - ITV Studios UK MD 

"How better to enjoy and bring to life the words and emotions of this wonderful tale of Toad and his mates, than by using the latest story-telling techniques. Images, animations, narration and music all combine on the in this digital storybook in a panoply of delightfulness!"


Stephen Fry on The Wind in the Willows

Actor, comedian, author, journalist, broadcaster, film director 

‘To see the characters, creatures, and landscapes of the universe come alive is truly an exciting innovation.’  


Gaetano Mastropasqua on After Earth: Kitai’s Journal

Head of Franchise Development Overbrook Entertainment  

"This technology brings to life 2000 years of Britain's monarchy. It allows writers to add back in all the things we've had to leave out for books and TV. I no longer have to take these decisions that involve sacrifice. Readers can arrive at the judgement for themselves."


Dr David Starkey

Royal historian, author, presenter

"One of the most impressive book apps of the year might just be Anne Frank."


Stuart Dredge on The Diary of Anne Frank

Journalist, The Guardian 

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